Step 5: Start Writing Your Blog

Finally, we have arrived at the fun stuff!

Every successful blog follows just a few basic principles:

Steps to a successful blog:- Proper Blog Setup, Amazing Content & Marketing.

Proper Blog Setup

The first 4 steps explained to you how to get your blog set up properly (start with Step 1 if you haven’t already).  If you have gone through the previous steps your blog should be set up just fine. However, already I have mentioned in the previous steps, there is an infinite number of tweaks and changes you can make to your blog.

Important point: A good blogger isn’t all about writing. You should be a good reader, you also need to read other blogs to stay informed about what is going in trends and to get new ideas for your own blog.

You may visit a blog where you can find some really cool plugin that you also want on your site. You can just ask the blogger directly and most probably they will tell you all about it. This is a great way to improve the setup of your blog and this also helps in making connections in the blogging community.

Amazing Content

Great content is an asset to a blogger and it’s not wrong to say it’s also the heart and soul of a successful blog. If no one wants to read what you are writing about then your blog won’t be very successful.

Always try to write what people want to read, answer their question through your topic. Obviously, you will need to do some basic research to find the answer, but once you do that you will be providing valuable content. For additional writing ideas this is a great resource:

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that great content is more than writing. Images, videos, different fonts, and colors make your content look eye-catching and interesting.


Even if you set up your blog properly and create great content, there is no guarantee that visitors will ever see it. Thus marketing your blog correctly is a specific requirement if you want to be a successful blogger.

That’s all the part of our Guide : Steps For Building Your Blog.

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