Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing has been an interesting topic of debate and still, it’s going on. As both of these marketing has own potential it’s really tough to choose one. For any company/product/services growth marketing plays a very important role and one can’t simply ignore it. Smart marketers go through pros & cons of each and then decide to go with. Many people in the industry think that digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing.

Undoubtedly, today’s large portion of people are online and love to do online shopping, Googling solution for any problem and above them, find online transactions a simple way. But another truth is too that chunk of the population doesn’t even know about the Internet or how to use it & that’s where traditional marketing plays a very important role. Therefore, it’s always a tough decision to choose from digital marketing & traditional marketing.

To give proper insights into these two marketing fundas here are pros & cons of digital marketing vs. traditional marketing. Print ads in newspapers and magazines is a simple example of traditional marketing while promoting your product & services through online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is online marketing.

What is traditional marketing?

It’s a conventional method of marketing and primarily includes the below-mentioned modes for brand promotion:

  • Newspaper
  • Flyers
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Magazine ads
  • Billboard advertising.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

You can easily reach your target local audience. For example, if you have announcements to make, simply play a radio ad in one location or promote them through mailbox flyers that will go to households. It’s easy to understand and also the audience will have a hard copy of materials of which they can read or browse again and again.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

  • Little interaction between the medium used and the customers.
  • Marketing strategy results can’t be measured easily.
  • Advertisements can be very costly.

What is digital marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing gives a global platform to reach a wider customer base. It’s a new age marketing method and with the increasing demand for smartphones & Internet very important for all kind of business. It includes the following:

  • Blogs
  • Email marketing
  • Paid pop-up ads
  • Social media sites
  • Business networking sites
  • Click baiting URLs for viral content marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

No wonder, traditional marketing has its own advantages but when talking about digital marketing & traditional marketing, digital marketing is always going to win. Some of those benefits are mentioned below.

Real-Time Result

It is able to give quick results. One can easily measure and view everything such as visitors, conversion rate, busiest period of the day as well as bounce rate too with ease.


Many time people might not buy a newspaper where you show your ads but with digital marketing, you can target a specific audience for this ads. Hence digital marketing has more potential to give desirable results.

Better Engagement

With digital marketing strategies, you can interact with your targeted audience in the real-time. Also, you can engage your audience in chats & discussions and gain passive advice to improve your product or service.

Brand Development

Due to limitations of space in newspaper and magazine, brand promotion becomes challenging while through digital marketing you can own an entire website and then showcase your ads or promote your brand whenever you want with the help of ads, blog and more.

Easy Analytics

Marketing efforts become very easy and quick. You can judge which strategy working for you and make changes accordingly. Through Analytics you can easily measure inbound traffic, conversion rate, demographics, bounce rate, and profit.

Web Hosting

Low Cost

Last but not least. Cost is an important factor for any business. Compare to traditional marketing digital marketing is quite affordable.

How We Use Both Digital & Traditional Marketing

One shouldn’t completely ignore traditional marketing as it supports our digital marketing efforts. So, it’s all up to you how you max benefits from these marketing techniques.


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