Digital Marketing Experts In India : They Are Inspiration To Many Beginners

Digital Marketing Experts In India

You can’t ignore the fact that in India the demands for Digital Marketing is increasing. One of the many reasons behind this that digital marketing is now a core requirement of a business in order to attract lead and to form a brand presence.

Also, there is a stat which says – “India being the second largest internet market in the world” and the best place to promote your product digitally. There are many digital marketing experts in India. In this blog post, I will talk about the top digital marketers in India whom I admire the most in this field of digital marketing. So let’s get started.

Digital Marketing Experts In India: Whom I Admire/Follow The Most

1.) Deepak Kanakaraju (My DM Guru)

Deepak Kanakaraju is my guru in the field of digital marketing & that’s why I’ve listed him #1. He is a digital marketing consultant from Bangalore, India & also the founder of Pixel Track. Additionally, he is an Author, Speaker, and Trainer in Digital Marketing. He trains students, professionals as well as businessmen on Digital Marketing.

Deepak Kanakaraju has been in the digital marketing industry since 2008. He has also worked as a digital marketingDeepak Kanakanraju - Digital Marketing Experts In India manager in startups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, and Razorpay. Additionally, Deepak Kanakaraju has also launched a free digital marketing course to help people learn digital marketing. If you want to learn I must say you need to check LearnDigitalMarketing.Com

I come to know about Deepak Kanakaraju – listed among the top digital marketing experts in India through the Facebook Group – Learn Digital Marketing. I have been a member of LDM since October 2015 & I learned lots of new things. I follow his blog Digital Deepak & also owns many of his courses that helped me to enhance my skill.

Deepak Sir has done civil engineering. He loves riding a bike & also one of his blog ( was a boom. From a biker to passionate digital teaches us that one can learn digital marketing with practice & can be one of the digital marketing experts in India.

2.) Harsh Agrawal (The Blogging Scientist)

If you are looking for inspiration to start a blog & make money online, Harsh Agrawal is a great example. He’s the Harsh Agarwal - Digital Marketing Experts In Indiafounder of the award-winning blog, ShoutMeLoud!. He’s a graduate and professional blogger as well as he has worked in Convergys before becoming a full-time blogger.

At present, his blog ShoutMeLoud is empowering more than 900,000+ readers globally & helped them to start their own blog & live a boss-free life via blogging & digital marketing. ShoutMeLoud is a one-stop solution for every blogger. You will find free content around SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Web-hosting and more important how to make money online.

ShoutMeLoud is a perfect community for one who is passionate about digital marketing & discovering themselves through blogging. Also, it’s great platform who have the desire to excel in this fast-changing online world.

Harsh Agrawal is fond of enjoying his life. He says – when he’s not on the computer, he loves traveling or trying on any adventure sports.

3.) Sorav Jain (Digital Scholar)

I am sure many of you know about Sorav Jain who is one of the top Digital Marketing Experts In India. There is a lot to write about him but briefing – He’s social media expert, consultant, speaker, trainer, author, with masters in International Marketing Management from the Leeds University Business School as well as he’s a proud alumnus ofSourav Jain - Harsh Agarwal - Digital Marketing Experts In India Loyola College.

Sorav Jain is the founder of and Echovme. He started his career as SEO Executive when he as just 17 yrs and now he gains a lot of knowledge in digital marketing Industry. Additionally, his agency Echovme was recognized as “The Best Social Media Agency of 2013” by CMO Asia. Furthermore, Sorav Jain acknowledges by Global Youth Marketing Forum as the “Top 25 Social Media Professionals Of India”. Sorav Jain says – “I’m on a mission to teach digital marketing for free”.

Sorav has also launched a book: “Social Media for Business” & “How to Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media”. Sorav is also group head of one of the top Digital Marketing communities with 45,000+ Members titled – Digital Marketing Question and Answers on Facebook.

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  1. oh wow!! Thank you so much for sharing, they are really so inspiring. I am gonna follow them right away. Thank you.

  2. Wow, they have accomplished so much at such a young age. Truly inspirational!

  3. Jayashree Sengupta | September 15, 2019 at 8:10 am | Reply

    Well I do follow ShoutMeLoud and to be very honest, all the SEO knowledge of mine till now is totally credited to them. That is indeed a wonderful and must follow blog.

  4. It really helps when we have people to look up to. Thanks for sharing this list of people that I can read about and be inspired with.

  5. I frequent Harsh’s ShoutMeLoud blog. My favorite article that has helped me
    is How to Start a blog here.

  6. I’ve been already known a few of them and would love to meet Sorav Jain and interested in his story !

  7. These guys are really inspiring! Now the field is so saturated it’s hard to get a foothold. Their stories are really awesome.

  8. I have heard of one of these experts previously. I think there is a lot to learn and some real value in what these experts have to say.

  9. Their stories are quite inspiring. I have read a few blogs on ShoutMeLoud. Will follow the others too.

  10. Their stories are an inspiration to strive hard on our dreams and be successful.It is truly motivating.

  11. Lavanda Michelle | September 17, 2019 at 12:24 am | Reply

    They are a truly talented bunch. Thanks for sharing these amazing people.

  12. I know of Agrawal and whooa! He does super good stuff. He really gets me inspired and I’m always learning from his site, Shout Me Loud.

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