Blog Commenting Tips For Link Building

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting – An Introduction

When it comes to SEO, blog commenting is no wonder the excellent source of inbound links that can drive relevant traffic to your site as well as help build your social network and more. Not only this but commenting on blogs also helps you to be up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry. While blog commenting, the individuals are required to keep some basic things in mind such as:-

  • Comment quality
  • Length of comment
  • Relevancy
  • Way to presenting details
  • Personal details

Why should choose blog commenting?

Many people are not considering blog commenting. I am highlighting some reasons that can assist you in getting its importance.

1.) Link building

In SEO, backlinks are known as the backbone. Blog commenting provides the fastest way to getting traffic and gets a good position in search results. Following this strategy can assist you in creating some high-quality backlinks. For these, the interested ones are required to place the website URL of own sources while placing the comment.

2.) Social media benefits

You can get more traffic or users on social media accounts. It usually depends on the bloggers what kind of details they are sharing.

3.) Knowledge expansion

Before writing the lengthy comment on others’ blog, you must check out lots of details. This surely going to boost the knowledge of bloggers.

4.) Traffic Boost

We all know higher traffic trends are making the rank better as well as provide some other benefits. Through commenting on blogs, the bloggers can target the audience easily.

5.) Bonding becomes better

The blog commenting provide an opportunity by which an individual can easily make bonding better with others. Better bonding with other famous bloggers will provide the benefits in the future for getting success quickly.

Blog Commenting Best Practice Tips

Here are some blog commenting best practice tips that help make sure you’re getting the most value for your blog commenting efforts.

1.) Actually, Read The Post

Many just think this tips as, huuuh but I must say, this is the first step before you do comment on the blog. Frankly saying,  many people don’t actually read the whole post. They just read the headline & max 3 or 4 lines and think they understand the concept/point of the post but that’s where you fail. Always remember, when you are blog commenting you are going to build your brand and authority, so be careful and always read the article at once before posting or commenting.

2.) Aim For 3 Sentence Minimum

The 2nd and important point, don’t make the author feel that you are just here to leave your website link. Give your time there and always try to write at least 3 sentences. This makes the website owner feels that you have gone through his post and then after writing a comment.

3.) Use A Real Name As Often As Possible

Many of you might use comments author as the name but I must say you should use a real person name, to begin with. Blog commenting always known to builds the authority of the author while simultaneously enhancing your sites link portfolio.

4.) Link To Internal Pages And Social Profiles

Most of the time, blog comments used to create more links to the homepage; don’t limit yourself to just one page! You should also link some other high-level internal pages as well as your social networking profiles. Linking to your social profiles is a great way to grow your social network and find new fans/followers.

5.) Don’t Drop Links In The Comment

Avoid dropping links in the comment field, especially ones to your own site. Many of the blog owners hate this and might they blacklist you from their blog.

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