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Sumit Sao

Interview With Sumit Sao – Founder Of

Hi guys, today I interviewed yet another energetic & inspiring blogger – Sumit Sao. Sumit Sao is 25 Years old, a passionate blogger and founder of I come to know about Sumit Sao a few months back through a facebook group. I am a regular reader of Blogging Lift, Sumit Sao blog – best place for bloggers to get unique blogging,…
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Vishwajeet Kumar

Interview With Vishwajeet Kumar – Founder Of Blog With VK(

Hi guys, this week founder of Blogging Burp interviewed yet another blogging guy – Vishwajeet Kumar who’s the founder of Blog With VK is a blog dedicated to newbie bloggers where one can learn more about Internet marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Blogging etc. Going through his article I found his writing very informative and detailed.…
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Alexandra Cook

Interview With Alexandra Cook – Founder Of It’s Not Complicated Recipes

Hello guys, this Friday I interviewed Alexandra Cook who’s passionate foodie, writer and lover of life. Her blog It’s Not Complicated Recipes is just wow where you can find lots of article on the recipe. She lives in Adelaide, South Australia and I came in contact with Alexandra Cook through a Facebook group. I once just visited her…
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Ashfaq Ahmad

Interview With Ashfaq Ahmad – Founder Of BloggeRoundup

Hi guys, this week we interview yet another well-known blogger & a very nice person Ashfaq Ahmad who’s the founder of BloggeRoundup. BloggeRoundup is the ultimate resource of the actionable blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing tips and techniques also help beginner blogger to make money online. If you are a newbie and want to learn digital marketing & explore about…
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How To Get Featured Snippets For Your Site

How To Get Featured Snippets For Your Site – Simple Guide

Are you looking for rank on Google? But it’s not easy if you can not follow some of the tactics that search engines love. Maybe you’re thinking about what those tactics are? I’m right? Do not worry! Here are some of the key factors used by the most successful bloggers. But first I’ll tell you…
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Santanu Debnath

Interview With Santanu Debnath – Founder Of Blogging Joy

This Monday, Blogging Burp interviewed on the nice person & well-known blogger – Santanu Debnath. I come to know about Santanu Debnath through his Facebook group. The motivation behind starting this Interview Series with Bloggers is Santanu Debnath. About Santanu Debnath – He’s a part-time blogger and a full-time software professional. His love for WordPress…
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Santosh Gairola

Interview With Santosh Gairola – Founder Of Blogging Pal

Hi Guys, last week Founder of Blogging Burp interviewed Santosh Gairola – who’s the founder of Blogging pal and also owns Viyali Blogs. I come to know about him to a Facebook Groups and later landed on his website Blogging pal and I must say truly impressed. I am now a regular reader of Blogging Pal, thanks for Santosh…
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Blogging As A Career

Can We Choose Blogging As A Career?

Let’s start this topic with a conversation between a blogger & his relatives They: What you do? Me: I do blogging. They: “Blo- Blogging”? What does it mean? Me (after few seconds): I run a website through which I earn money. They: In attitude, so you design websites??? Me (let’s end it): Yah…. Blogging as…
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Interview With Gurunath Nakka – Founder Of Blogging Dock

Someone said that – “Age is just a number”. This is a great fact and Gurunath Nakka has once again proved that. If you have the desire in your heart and have a passion to do something there’s nothing that going to stop you from success. This all I am saying because this Thursday, founder…
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Interview With Istiak Rayhan

Interview With Istiak Rayhan – Founder Of Road To Blogging

Hello friends, this Tuesday Blogging Burp interviewed Istiak Rayhan – Founder of awesome blog RoadToBlogging.Com. When I come through his FB profile, I was really impressed & being a digital marketer I’m totally convinced that his blog surely going to rock. Thank you Istiak for your support, frankly saying when I was sending the questionnaire I…
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