5 Types Of Keywords In SEO To Improve Your SEO Strategy

5 Types Of Keywords In SEO To Improve Your SEO Strategy (1)

Wondering what types of keywords in SEO you should be targeting? No doubt, the keyword is the strength and essential component to every aspect of your SEO campaign. From the on-site placement to link prospecting and acquisition keywords plays an important role. All your online marketing strategy either its SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or SMM (Social Media Marketing) keywords are the basic things that can produce great result or end in a huge flop. So, be cautious while selecting keywords before you start digital marketing.

When it comes to the types of keywords in SEO we should use, I & my marketing team (I called them Avengers 😍) comes through 5 different types of keywords for our clients. Below, we’ve listed those types of keywords (hope you readers would like this):-

1.) Customer-defining keywords

These are the terms and phrases that your potential customers use to define themselves. It will help you discover others who relate to your target audience. Some searchers may be directly related to your customer base while others may be in a similar niche. Customer-defining keywords will be more helpful in connecting you with those who are looking for or need your product or service at the time.

2.) Product keywords

Product keywords is exactly that describe what you sell. These terms are specific and to have great opportunity & prospects who meet the very specific niches within your target customer segment. Product keywords are no doubt great for use on your site as well as a great starting point for creating the targeted content for your blog.

Example:- If you are selling a computer you opt the keywords like Lenovo laptop, Dell laptop, MacBook Pro, Surface Pro, etc.

3.) Top influencer’s name or brand keywords

You can’t deny the fact that influencers are highly searched on Google or another popular search engine. So, why not we can take benefits? Yes, using top influencers in the targeting keywords can help you rank higher on Google. Thus, influencer keywords are listed as one of the best & effective types of keywords in SEO.

Well, an important point needs to be considered – the influencer’s name should be mentioned in your content and correctly cited too. Not only this, if you find it more relevant you may also add them to your content title. Don’t forget to target your brand keywords as they can help you build authority.

4.) Geotargeted keywords

If you want to rank locally, Geotargeted keywords are the ultimate solution. According to Google, “50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day, and 34% who searched on a computer/tablet did the same.”.

Local SEO is a powerful & effective way to grow your reach & target your audience. Suppose you are marketing a dental clinic and assume the location is Texas. You can target keywords like – dental clinic in texas, texas dental clinic, etc. If you live in a larger city, I would suggest you break down your geo terms into neighborhoods to capture an even more targeted segment.

5.) Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are known to be specific keywords and so we’ve listed them in the types of keywords in SEO. These keywords can greatly help you to rank as well as generate a lot of traffic just as the same as a regular keyword.

Final Thoughts

Be patient and keep digging to your competitors, latent search, when it comes to finding, organizing and using relevant and targeted keywords. The more you research the more you’ll uncover.

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